Now your players can record and share their
greatest game moments with friends and fans.

Get your game discovered with game replay sharing

The most powerful way to discover a new game is when a friend shows you a game they love. Everyplay makes that moment shareable with video recorded directly from your game.

Alpha footage. Not representative of final.
Ice Rage © Mountain Sheep

Everyplay records gameplay as it happens in the background. Without performance loss.

Players get instant replays inside your game menus. Relive the action!

Sharing takes one tap. Your best game moments for friends, fans and the world to see.

Engage players to create fans and a community

Everyplay makes meaningful sharing from games possible. Let players show what they love, power your fans to connect and create a thriving community.

Show off

Players share their greatest moments, funniest clips, high score replays and how-to videos.

Power fans

Everyplay provides a social setting for players to meet, discuss, share and like. Let players become your biggest fans.

Built into your game

Players stay where the action is because Everyplay is integrated into your game. Players share and watch videos directly in game menus.

Bring in friends

Connect players with their friends through Everyplay's deep integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Make it personal with replays and video messages

You are carrying the most personal gaming device ever. Make your game just as personal with action replays and player to player video messages.

Ideal for multiplayer

Watch game replays and see what other players did while you were away. How did you do that?

Player vs. player
in real action

See your city attacked and ransacked. Watch while your enemy conquers. Time to get even?

Make it personal

Post personal video messages to brag, celebrate, challenge and taunt. Care for one more round?
Front camera is always user opt-in.

Social 2.0 for players. Free with Everyplay.

Word of mouth now comes with video. Sharing is finally meaningful. Games get personal.
It’s all free. And you can drive your revenue up.

All iDevices

Everyplay is available for:
iPhone 4 and up
iPad 1 and up
iPod 4th gen and up
iOS 5.x or newer

All game engines

Now available for: Unity3d, Cocos2d and in-house iOS game engines

All free

Everyplay is free for players and developers. With premium visibility you can promote the best videos from your game to find new players.

Add revenue

Add promoted videos to your game to drive revenue. Users’ opt-in to watch to earn a virtual item.

For more information please check out the FAQ and follow us @everyplaydev. Let's talk!